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"Now I Have a Heart, Because it's Breaking" Bsc Mystery Book 13: Mary Anne and The Library Mystery

I haven't really read much of this book. The only things I remembered from reading this book was Mary Anne watching Roman Holiday in the first chapter of this book, and a couple of books being burnt . Don't really remember much afterwards.

On the cover:

Not much to say on this cover. Only Mary Anne should choose a much better sweater. And why does Rosie Wilder look like Mallory Pike on this cover? And what's with the yellow shoes on Rosie? You would think the girl would start wearing better clothing considering she's an actress and all. Oh well.

Plot:  It  all starts with Mary Anne getting a case of the blues, because Dawn's in California spending time with her family and friends there (and kinda forgetting about Mary Anne), Logan playing volleyball and spending time with his friends, and Mallory dealing with a case of mono (aka the Kissing Disease). So Mary Anne is pretty much having a case of the blues and she spends some time watching the Roman Holiday film with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory peck in it, and looking forward to the Bsc meeting.

While she's at the Bsc meeting, Mrs. Kishi appears and asks the girls if they would like to work as volunteers for the Readathon at the Stoneybrook Public Library, where Mrs. Kishi works. Mary Anne decides to volunteer to help take her mind off of missing Logan and Dawn too much. Once Mary Anne starts working there as a volunteer , all of a sudden a fire breaks out near the boys bathroom in a trash can.  Mrs. Kishi deals with it and learns that a book is burnt. It turned out to be a copy of a book called "To Kill a Mockingbird". The girls are shocked and they start investigating.

Then another fire breaks out shortly after the first one, and this time it's a copy of a Judy Blume book called "Beenie'. So the girls start listing suspects. They at first thought Miss Ellway, one of the new workers at the Stoneybrook Public Library, was causing the fires, since Miss Ellway came from a wealthy background and her family used to own land where the library resides and Miss Ellway seemed to be unfriendly and unsociable. They also think Nicky Pike was a suspect since they found a couple of matches in Nicky's coat and since Nicky seemed to not want to participate in the Readathon. They also suspect the protestors too, who wants to ban the books that's on the reading list, thinking they are not good for children and all other things.

But the girls soon learn that Nicky Pike was innocent along with Miss Ellway , once they learn that Nicky was telling the truth and that Miss Ellway and her family are really nice and generous people. So the girls asks the protestors if they were somehow involved with the fires, which one of them by the name of Bertha Dow (who would later appear in Bsc Friends Forever Book 5: Kristy Power) admitted to burning books back then (which led to her getting arrested, and has since stopped doing that) , but wasn't responsible for burning the books in the library as well as the other protestors. So the Bsc decides to check out the library and find out who is causing the fires.

It later turns out to be Sean Addison, who was caught trying to light up a Abraham Lincoln book with a silver lighter and some matches. So the Bsc catches Sean and takes him to Mrs. Kishi's office, where Mrs. Kishi talks to Sean and his parents, and the parents agree to seek family therapy and to get Sean some special treatment. So the book ends with the Bsc going to the Readathon ceremony and Sarah Hill, Marilyn Arnold, and Nicky Pike winning some awards and Mary Anne getting honors and Mary Anne deciding to volunteer at the Stoneybrook Public Library once in a while. The End.


1. Mary Anne gets teary -eyed  whenever she watches Roman Holiday. I need to rewatch that film when I get a chance.

2. Logan plays volleyball in this book. I wonder if he continues to play volleyball later on in the series. Also I thought he only played baseball and football as well as track and field?

3. Betsy Sobak (who caused Claudia's leg to break in Book 19; Claudia and the Bad Joke), Rosie Wilder, and Sarah and Norman Hill (who everyone picked on for being big in Book 50: Dawn's Big Date) makes an appearance in this book, along with Sean and Corrie Addison.

4. I agree with Mary Anne about the books being banned and I personally find it stupid to ban books. I mean kids are going to be curious about a lot of things and you can't always blame it on books. Not to mention things like divorce, pregancy, rape, murder, drugs, and bullying does exist in this world. And you can't always blame it on books.

5. Someone remind me to read the book called "To kill a Mockingbird'. Also remind me to watch the movie too. Cause there are a lot of references to that book and I'm curious.

6. I think Nicky Pike, Rosie  Wilder, and Charlotte Johanssen should seriously form a junior detective league . They are kinda better than the Bsc. And I think they are better than Karen Brewer.

7.  Claudia outfit:
  • big white shirt over a bright pink jumpsuit
  • bright pink earrings (flamingo shaped)
  • pink high- tops 
8. Stacey Outfit:
  • red  miniskirt
  • red & white  striped shirt
  • red heart-shaped earrings
  • short black boots
I think  I  like  Stacey's outfit better than Claudia's in this one.....though pink is my favorite color and red is my signature color.

9. Sean Addison seriously has some major issues he needs to work on. Don't blame him much though. I blame his parents. Maybe Charlotte Pickles and Drew Pickles from the Rugrats, Cartman's Mom from Southpark, Helga's parents from hey Arnold, Peter and Lois Griffin from Family Dad, and Nelson's mom from the Simpsons should take notes and learn a thing or two from Sean's family.

alright book, but could of been better though.

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  1. I agree with you about books. I do think it's okay for parents to monitor what their own kids are reading or watching, like when my parents didn't want me to read Rising Sun or Disclosure (which have graphic sex scenes) when I was eleven, but even then it wasn't, "You can never read these." It was "Wait until you're older and can understand this better." But another kid the same age might have had the maturity to read those books then. No need for blanket statements at all.

    Yes, you should read To Kill a Mockingbird! Wonderful book, and the movie is great, too. Gregory Peck is it. The author, Harper Lee, only wrote the one book. I guess she figured there was no point trying to top herself. ;)